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At Total Media, we have the gear for your project. Switchers, cameras, audio consoles, graphics PCs, encoders, on and on and on. That isn’t what sets us apart from other fly pack companies. What sets us apart is our people.

Despite the cliches, we actually are tremendously proud of the positive attitude our crew brings to projects. You know how sometimes there’s that one cranky gaffer that you’re kind of afraid of? We don’t hire that guy. We’re a little scared of him too. We hire upbeat, hard working professionals because they foster the type of positive environment we like to work in. That’s what it’s like in our shop when we’re prepping your show. That’s what it’s like when we’re wrapping a 14 hour rainy day.

We have the technical prowess to execute your vision. We have multiple audio/video packages that can be bent into any configuration you need. We know our work backwards and forwards, just like a lot of other companies out there.

What truly sets us apart from those other companies is the way we work.


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